Happy 18th Birthday, Son,
With All My Mama Bear Heart!

Jo Durocher • Jun 2021 • 2 min read


May I speak my heart to you, my son, on the eve of your 18th birthday? While you have long stepped away from behind this skirt, while you continually rise as a strong and splendid man, yet while you are still my boy in this moment… May I see you off into adulthood with a whisper from this mama bear heart?

This caring heart may have seemed quite unstable at times, pulsing along a spectrum of lavish and overgenerous to harsh and insensible. Perhaps sometimes it appeared depleted, other times confused or unsure as to which way to go. Throughout, may I assure you, stayed the course its boundless love.

As you venture into independence, fully responsible and capable, please know you may always count on this almighty mama bear heart.

Should you feel tired along your journey, sad or lonely, please remember you can visit this heart at any time. It is open and uncritical. You may be yourself near this welcoming heart, where you are seen and accepted, where you can safely rest and recharge, where you always belong.

Should you fall ill and wish for care, please remember how wise and comforting this heart can be. It is both skilled and intuitive; It knows your body well. Please call upon it to come by your side.

Should you be proud and happy, please remember you may freely boast around this mama bear heart. It is a devotee stripped from envy, where reside for you but true cheer and joy.

Yet should any self doubt sneak up your way, please remember how this heart believes in you. It has learned that confidence builds from courage and knows how brave you can be.

Should anyone imply you are any less than you are, or lead you to question your place in this world, please remember the wonder from this heart as it looks upon you. It brought you here with a purpose along with gifts and quirks to fulfill it. It knows you are enough and trusts you are exactly where you should be.

As you travel and ponder about, should you come to regret any unkind words you might have uttered near this mama bear heart, please remember how resilient it is. It realizes we all hurt sometimes and may hurt others along. It understands how mistakes help us grow and sees the kindness of your heart. Please rest in that anything you might ever question is long forgiven and forgotten.

Over the last 18 years, this heart could have been more present, more patient, more tolerant. For its many mistakes, please accept a heartfelt apology. Where it will never fail is in its affection for you. It is accessible at anytime and no one need ever know: With your eyes closed and a hand on your heart, pause and think of this mama bear heart. Please remember you are loved.

Lastly, as gentle and soft it can be, make no mistake: This unassuming mama bear heart bears hearty force. It is surprisingly resourceful, creative, strong and robust. It is powerful. Please trust in its faithful mightiness and call upon it at any time. It will be there in a heartbeat.

Happy 18th Birthday, my son.

Your Average Jo