“How great to go after your childhood’s dream and looking at your blog post you were right to do so! Your writing is beautiful, it makes me feel like I’m there with your thoughts if that makes any sense. Continue sharing this, the world deserves it.” 

Bert Schreurs | Belgium

“I have read and enjoyed everything you’ve written and shared so far. Each time I’ve come away changed in some way by the beautiful imagery your words create. They seem to gently touch that safely guarded inner place with such intensity that I find myself there within your words. Your writing stirs and uncovers very real, but often, very raw emotions. When a writer can do this, as I feel you can, they have deeply enriched and shaped the heart of the reader. Keep writing dear Jo!” 

Barbara Hade | ME, USA

“Thank you for your wonderful, heartwarming, touching stories, they always ring so true and make me think! Love and cuddles to Lexy 🐾”

Isabelle Watson | Switzerland

“I thoroughly enjoy reading your stories. I always find something I can relate too. Thank you for sharing.” 

Rachelle Gallant | Prince Edward Island, Canada

“So beautiful and pure. Thank you for sharing it with me dear Jo. It is such a beautiful and touching story. You left me without words…. MULTUMESC DIN SUFLET.”

Anca Cretu | Bucarest, Romania

(On A Tender Heart Under a Hero’s Cape)

“I love reading your stories and think it’s amazing and brave you are following your childhood dream. We all have something to learn from you. Much love from Andrea and Lucy 🐾 from Venezuela but living in Spain.” 

Andrea Núñez | Venezuela & Spain

“I clicked through your Instagram to find your website… you are a great writer! Thank you for sharing.” 

Tania Tyler | CT, USA

“I read some of your short stories! Loved them!! Keep going!!! Post more! So relatable and clever. Effortless flow.” 

Michelle Valenzuela Caorsi | Chile

Thanks so much for your kind and touching comments! Every word here means a great deal.

Your Average Jo