Heartfelt Thoughts on War: Sending Love and Healing.

Jo Durocher • Mar 2022 • 1 min read


I sit here with a heavy heart, thinking about the war. I sit with heartfelt thoughts. I think of daddies turned soldiers overnight, scared children clutching mamas’ hands, frightened eyes and tearful goodbyes, homes and heirlooms left behind. I think of 19-year-old boys, same age as mine, trading life aspirations for arms and defending life instead; of crying mamas sending love and begging God to protect them. I think of the value and privilege of life, of how much pain must be buried in those who seek to destroy it. I think of conflicts around the world that escalate into horrors. I think of conflicts in my own life.  

I am sorry, for all the pain I have caused you. And I forgive you, for all the pain you have caused me. 

May these words travel far, far away into the universe and reach every single soul who needs to hear them.

Your Average Jo