We Make the World a Better Place? Yes, Says the Little Bud Vase.

Jo Durocher • Dec 2022 • 2 min read

While shopping online for stocking stuffers the other day, I came across a little bud vase with two small handles and a sweet flower border painted at the bottom. It was so pretty.

How lovely would that look on the round table next to my writing chair, I couldn’t help but think. I’d love to cozy up my morning ritual with a pretty flower in this adorable artisan vase. Maybe I could add a little something for me to this holiday shopping cart?

Zooming in to have a closer look, I noticed a sentiment written on it: you make the world a better place.

You Make the World a Better Place

Bummer, I thought. This isn’t really something we buy for ourselves.

Scanning my list for anyone who might be a good recipient for this cute little vase and not finding quite the right fit, I carried on with my online shopping.

Then, later that day, I paused. How could I find it so easy to possibly give this vase to someone else yet couldn’t consider purchasing it for myself? Was I not worthy of these words? Do I not make the world a better place? While my contributions may not be grand or noticeable, do I not make any kind of positive difference whatsoever on this planet?

In Gratitude for the Little Bud Vase

A few days later, I made it my mission to go back and buy the little bud vase. Out of self respect, out of self love.

If nothing else, I’ll be making the world a better place by bringing joy to at least one person at Christmas this year, slipping this little vase into my own stocking. May it serve as a reminder, when I see it next to my writing chair every morning, to appreciate and care for myself just as much and in the same way I do for all my loved ones.

Thank you for reading. And making the world a better place.

Happy Holidays!

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