Useful Tips for Life: Advice from My Beloved Bearded Dog

Jo Durocher • Aug 2022 • 1 min read


Leave your hurdles behind and live a great life with these twenty-seven useful tips from Lexy, my four-legged bestie.

Stretch upon waking.

Walk outside everyday.

Greet visitors with a happy dance.

Check out everybody’s butts.

Embrace bearded ladies.

Keep floors crumb-free.

Nudge for cuddles.

Try on new scents.

Roll in grass.

Zoom with energy.

Power nap in the middle of the room.

Prioritize quality time with humans.

Recharge in nature.

Hold onto a good stick.

Respect branch managers.

Say yes to new adventures.

Trust your inner voice.

Growl as needed.


Face the wind.

Stick with the pack.

Stay true to yourself.

Feel all the feels.

Accept others as they are.

Be faithful.

Sit close during sad times.

Love with all your heart.

Have a great day.

Inspired by my son’s second grade assignment:

Your Average Jo