Is Santa Claus Real? To My Child, A Word About Christmas Magic

Jo Durocher β€’ Dec 2023 β€’ 1 min read


Legend has it, a man dressed in a red suit by the name of Santa Claus travels the skies on Christmas Eve with a sack full of toys destined for children of all ages. They say he lives in a charming village far away in the cold and snowy North Pole with Mrs. Claus and many kind elves, who help prepare the Christmas magic. I’ve been told we can sometimes hear the sleigh bells, in the distance, worn by the flying reindeer who pull his sleigh around the world throughout the night.

β€œIs Santa Claus real?” you might ask, like I did my parents as a child.

β€œOf course not,” some say. β€œNo one can fly a sleigh and land on every roof in a single night.”

Indeed, Santa would need a lot of Christmas magic to do this.

What I know for sure is that every year, on Christmas Day, I wake up to presents with my name under the tree… That’s magic to me!

Merry Christmas to you.


Your Average Jo